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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Biblical order: Jesus, Family, Church/Community, Country, World, Self.

In today's world it seems that people have forgotten the true order of headship according to the word of God. It seems that people have reversed the order and today we see the results of putting self above others and practically forgetting about Christ. In a humanistic mindset, we are led to believe that we can wade through all life's difficulties without divine intervention. This is simply not true. Human intelligence does not prevent us from going through suffering.

We all have problems because of sin. Christ is the only one who can help us wade through those problems. For the last couple of days my dear son has been sick with the flu. I, thankfully, have been well enough to care for him. At times I have felt the pressures of my body attempting to fight off insidious infection. The headaches and the nausea, kept me from performing my usual tasks. I feel that God gave me the strength to carry on through these times of my son's illness. It has been said that born again Christians who maintain the faith are actually capable of being surrounded by people with infectious illness but yet not catch the illness through the power of Christ's blood. They are able to do this with out ever receiving a worldly designed vaccine. That is amazing because the power of Christ rests in the true believer.

Because of my son's illness I have had to request that I not work at our local nursing home. Also, I have also had avoid going to church functions to prevent others from catching illness that I may carry or my son. During these times of illness, we are humbled so we may seek more of Christ and his love. Therefore in these times of illness, we really get to see Christs power at work. We have the opportunity to work in God's divine order........not the other way around.

Furthermore......I have been thinking about the role of Sunday School, Youth groups and the like in our church. I have been somewhat dismayed by the behavior of the kids that participate in such programs. The children act more like ungodly citizens rather than kids that are truly on fire for the gospel. Personally, I believe that the role of Sunday School and Youth gatherings should be left for those who come from families where the parents are unsaved........
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