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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Thankful for faithful husband.....

Today was a downhearted day. Like many couples, we had a little bit of spat about finances. I personally must be thankful that I have a husband who is willing to work out side the home and deal with the stress of the work place to provide for our family. Without a husband who is willing to sacrifice, we would be at a loss. My main concern occurred when he stated that he believed that because I was getting a bachelor degree in Mathematics, I would automatically be qualified to receive a good job at a high wage. Little did he know, that the job a availability for Statistical mathematicians is little to none around this area. Further more his refusal to move away from family members also contributed to the lack of my ability to find a job in the first place. I personally do not want to move to a bigger city just so that I can find a job that suits my major, instead I am satisfied with following biblical order and being keeper of the home.

For some time I have been having to work part time at the same location that my husband works. It is ok, but it is stressful. The work it self is not stressful, but dealing with the gossip and the social pressures is extremely stressful. I hope that we will be able to balance our finances better in the next year, so that we can either accommodate less time for me working out side the home or a way to seek an alternative job that replaces the finances that we "supposedly" need.

For now I appreciate the fact that my husband is willing to work full-time at a less than satisfactory job to supply food, shelter and clothing to us, even though I only work at a part-time low wage job. I appreciate the fact that he does not consume a significant amount of alcohol. I appreciate that he is willing to deal with my less than satisfactory moods, somewhat "out there" ideas and somewhat anti-social behavior. I am thankful that he enjoys giving to our local church and organizations that support the sharing of the gospel. I wish to get more into giving in the next year......
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