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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Poor Children -Gospel goes to the poor.

Poor Children.

The gospel is preached to the poor.........in these nations.....but people who are spoiled in the Americas take this opportunity for granted.....

Are you a wealthy american? Debt may be your curse? Did you forget the days when men lived in cabins or tents with dirt floors and built their own beds?
Humble Thy Self
Check all that apply:
1. I have shoes for my feet.
2. I have a floor under my feet that is not dirt.
3. I have electric stove.
4. I have enough food so my children and I don't have to fast for any meals.
5. I have four walls on my home that are solid and not made of tent material.
6. I have easy access to maternity care if I want it.
8. I have a car that runs smoothly.
9. I have an educational system/tools that teaches my children how to read, write and calculate higher division problems. (Holy Bible is sufficient educational tool in times of need an famine)
10. My bed is not made of ropes and hay, but is made mattress in factory.
11. I don't need to hand wash my clothes if I do not want to.
12. I have access to refrigeration.
If you have answered more than two of these things, you are a wealthy person. If you have debt......then this is how you should live to overcome your debt. Consider camping in the wilderness.
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