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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Do's and Don'ts guide for Conservative Christian belief......

There are times where it is better to suffer for righteousness sake than to avoid suffering at all.

The secular world is watching.  The world system says the bible is full of Do's and Don'ts so it isn't for "them."  In reality, the entire bible is for all people to help them receive and give proper love, mercy and justice (no man from any land likes to be disrespected).  From the smallest definitions to the greatest stories of parting the red sea.  This is to protect people from the evil of this world.  All people have to face these issues.....but Conservative biblical beliefs are basic understanding that only one hope exist for men for salvation from this wicked world.

Do keep careful track of your continuous dedication to bible study.

Don't ignore the poor, the stranger, the fatherless, the widow. (seriously.  Overprotection from "them" is not biblical advice)

Do meditate on bible verses.

Don't ignore the Sabbath Day.  Yes, it is still the seventh day of the week.  Christ himself practiced Sabbath and he explained what was wrong when people had the wrong attitude about it.

Do cut off the wicked things in your life or of loved ones' life in which you are to guard.

Don't force your innocent to suffer under ungodly men (people who teach children to purposefully link arms with sexual impurity and other wicked things) in education or in nursing homes and care.

Do allow grace to those who are forced to used the ungodly institutions.

Don't abandon people who talk about the bible differently than you, but speak highly of eliminating adultery (look at how Jesus spoke about Capernea), gluttony, idolatry, lies, seditions, strife, dependency on dangerous drugs and so forth.

Do seek counsel from godly people.

Don't seek to ignore the wisdom from the wise in this world.

Do find the strength to love those who repent of their sin.  ANY and all sinners can repent.

Don't continuously look at the sin in others.

Do seek family time to study the scripture together.

Don't force others out of your bible study and discussion if they are of a different heritage, personal choices which still remain godly and understanding.

Do not judge the way people choose to speak about Jesus, Yah, Messiah or other terms for the Saviour.  A name can be discerned by the heart of the speaker.

Don't believe that it is ok to judge people who fast, pray many times a day and cover themselves with modesty.

Do put Christ on the lamp in your community.

Don't put yourSELF or your family on a pedestal in front of the whole world.

Do listen to the little details about when the months of the bible are listed.  Abib, Iyyar, Sivan......

Don't keep believing in the pagan holidays and making them what they were never meant to be.

Do discern the nature of Purim, the origin of issues the Jews faced in this world.

Don't ignore those who talk to strangers who happen to be Jewish or any other minority demographically.

Do take the time to care for others while protecting yourself in the road of life.

Don't cut off someone of the faith who talked to a sinner, an LGBT person or a sports fanatic.

Do learn about the applicable Jewish traditions and practices that help the bible work.  Immagine participating with the Israelites as they cross the red-sea.

Don't be high-minded and think that you are more powerful, wise and good than the one who parted the red-sea.

Do support those in the middle east who love Jesus and the gospel.

Don't ignore those who are overcoming issues in themselves from many years of false religion or poor practices from the Middle East.

Do love the church body of believers.  Pray for them, seek fellowship with them.

Don't forget to seek alone time with your creator.  Space and fellowship with Holy is ever needed in this sin-filled world.

(For woman) Do be a grace-filled, godly, orderly, sensible woman.  Understand that pregnancies fail and people do need others for support in this life.  Some women are raped and molested.  Rahab was given the chance to live.  You are not to judge those people and how they handle it.

(For woman) Don't be a scorn-filled, hate-filled, feminist, anti-family supporter.  People need protection from evil people.

Do seek wisdom if your faith group is not going in the right direction.  Look at its condition according to the scripture and according to what others on the outside see.

Don't break apart marriage designed by biblical standards and creator's standards which have minor flaws such as a foolish man.  In some cases be brave and stay with marriages that have major issues like addictions and anger.  In some cases, it is ok to allow unbelieving spouses to leave or seek personal safety.

Do seek to eliminate forming marriages with sin encouragement or practices.

Don't be a Christ merchandiser.  Pastors, church leaders, special writers, deacons and so forth are not in the simplicity of Christ, they are a part of institutional structures.  Imitating the world-system of institutional structure is not a spiritual goal that fulfills the role of the bride of Christ.  Yes, special preachers can speak and elders can be used, but it is not a paid position.  It is a willingness to suffer for righteousness sake position.

Do understand the true element of Christian living is from the words in red.  The true doctrine is from the gospel alone, all else is funding the Christ merchandiser.  Christ did say "Mar_12:10  And have ye not read this scripture; The stone which the builders rejected is become the head of the corner"

Don't ignore the first five books of the Bible.  That is where the foundation of understanding the rest of the Bible comes from.  God's laws are important and give the believers good ideas from which to live their life appropriately.

Do ignore the gossipy websites or people that are constantly playing "boy who cried wolf" among Christian beliefs.  They select the beliefs they like and attack such things as patriarchy Christianity.  When the true wolf comes into the "play" and pedophiles are exposed, the children have been injured beyond repair.  Their stance against evil is not working, because they attack the innocent in the process.

Don't micromanage human lives.

Do pay attention to deep detailed needs in people's lives.

Ok.....so don't follow "Laura" as I have weeds in my garden from time to time.....BUT do love the CHURCH body of believers as Christ teaches you how to LOVE.
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