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Friday, July 28, 2017

Christian Liberty -- Healthcare (4)

*Information in this article is not intended to replace proper wisdom as directed by people who are experienced in dealing with symptoms.  Any information given and used by the individual, if it was done in a way that did not work, may not be used against the writer.

If a person wants to rely on the medical model, the person needs to have faith in the system.  They need to trust that the teaching methods that the doctor received are good, that the doctor they choose can think clearly about healthcare and that the doctor actually thinks of the patient more than thinking about the pharmacy industry profits.

The medical model overall in western-medicine usually sees things in nature as bad.  Particularly viruses and bacteria are seen as bad.  The medical model does not see that the body has been sickened because the immune system was not strong before the illness was acquired.  Sipping on evergreen tea each day could save you a lot of doctor visits, and you may never have to visit one again as the Vitamins strengthen the immune system.  The more the medical model creates drugs which kill organisms, the higher likely hood that the human body will not have the opportunity to get stengthened and ability to fight off the infections.  This is referred to as MRSA.

When a person visits various doctors, each doctor will prescribe different remedies to overcome the illness.  The patient can choose his or her own remedy too.  Each remedy will differ significantly, but if the doctor is supportive of big-pharma he or she will not consider nature remedies.

Each person has a freedom of religion in the USA.  So a person who does not believe in the religion of medicine should not need to use the system to heal diseases in the body.  The person should not be required by law to pay other people's insurance problems which will use this western model of medicine.  As the western model is a model of medicine is a model of distrust in the creator's healing power.

If a person isn't practicing regular financial gain in medicine then he or she can practice healing without a license.  People have the freedom to choose to see a faith healer who does not have a license to heal and is doing so without financial gain and support from the "western system."

90% of the exams in the USA are unnecessary and routine.  Well-Child checks may be unnecessary (if the child doesn't have a major life-threatening illness) if the parent knows what to look for in his or her own children's health.  Elderly visits to the doctor may be unnecessary if the elderly are perfectly independent in making many of his or her own choices and decisions about using prescriptions or not using prescriptions.  Yearly check-ups for major diseases may also be unnecessary if the patient studies ways to overcome the issues on his or her own.  Issues like diabetes, heart disease, maternity issues and so forth.

Hospitals and the system (excluding extreme emergencies) of institutionalization, kills more people each year than natural healing practices, independent or home-care.   (http://www.jhsph.edu/sebin/s/k/2000_JAMA_Starfield.pdf)  Do the research about whom you should and shouldn't trust when it comes to healthcare.  Gain liberty in the restoration of the truth in healthcare.

(2Sa 22:3)  The God of my rock; in him will I trust: he is my shield, and the horn of my salvation, my high tower, and my refuge, my saviour; thou savest me from violence.

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