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Monday, July 24, 2017

Christian Liberty - Health Care (2)

*Information in this article is not intended to replace proper wisdom as directed by people who are experienced in dealing with symptoms.  Any information given and used by the individual, if it was done in a way that did not work, may not be used against the writer.

Each individual has the ability to make their own healthcare decisions, childbearing decisions and decisions in how to take care of weak individuals in the power of their hands as God provides for needs.  The research the individual uses can include books they have read, experiences they have faced, medical journals, online information, consulting medical professionals, learning from others who have experienced such situations and so forth.  Wisdom does not necessarily need to come from high paid professional educational institutions, but can come from resources available to professionals in the field and resources available to the general public.  Internal wisdom, prayer and intuition can also be a powerful means to help people heal.

Common medicine (many refer to it as Western-Medicine), discourages people to make his or her own decisions about their health and allow the "professional" to make all decisions regarding health.  Even common "Christian" hospitals falsely claim to hold more wisdom than the patient in reguards to health and its services.   In Christian belief, especially in areas with high persecution, war or famine, it is impossible to consult and trust doctors first.  Consulting the bible as a means of health, needs to come first.  It is better to trust internal wisdom resivour to sustain the life of those in your care or sustain one's own life.

In general, information found in physician textbooks, medical journals and so forth is available to the general public.  Even in the USA.  It is up to the reader to decide if the information given in the texts are useful information for health or is propaganda information which is used to promote the institutional system.  Internal wisdom can reveal this to the student of such texts.

Psa_37:30  The mouth of the righteous speaketh wisdom, and his tongue talketh of judgment.

This is part of a series from: http://raggedycottagegarden.blogspot.com/2017/07/full-christian-liberty.html
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