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Saturday, May 20, 2017

My posts may or may not be interesting today, but tomorrow.....

I hope they will be interesting.

If I write about something that I discovered, with divine guidance, it means that the existence is real.

People write me off as a nutty Copernicus or Galileo or worse "flat earth theory gooroo", then that is what they will do.

For example, I write that the planet Saturn (representing eternal covenant) continues to have a pattern of showing up in the same location in the sky every three Jubilee's.  Like, for example, the "ringed planet" shows up from human eye view every three Jubilee's (49 year cycle) which is equivalent to 147 years (qumran calendar pattern repeats) in the constellation Betulah.  The "ringed planet" happens to rotate around the sun almost every thirty years.  The scripture itself does indicate that Jesus did ministry work when he was thirty.

Now this may not make much difference to a person who is not a student of the bible or of astronomy, but to those who do have an interest in the patterns of "nature" then it is of importance as well as the patterns in the bible, then these things are interesting.

Today, people ignore these little details.  Tomorrow, they will say, ohhhhhh now I understand why God says the things he says about this and that because it relates to HIM as the creator of the universe.
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