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Monday, May 22, 2017

Don't be cornered by anti-patriarchy groups and writers....

The bible mentions three patriarchs  most clearly resourcefully and effectively.  Abraham, Issac and Jacob.  All three MEN had something "wrong" with them.  Were they outright "evil" no, but it came down to Levi as being a murderer of other tribe men because of daughter Dinah.  So Levi was pretty brutal.

There are anti-patriarchy groups.  They may say they are "pro-woman" but in their hue and tone, they are actually ANGRY at men.  Men like Levi.  It turns into anger vs. anger.  Which doesn't amount to unconditional love.

Pro-woman is actually termed through Christ as the mediator of women.  Herod's daughter demanded the head of another man, John the Baptist.  Jesus didn't confront her evil desires, but he did weep over another man and woman's sin.

Pro-woman is actually termed through Christ as the mediator of women.  The adulterous woman caught in the act, is not forced by Christ to have stones thrown at her.  No, he bent down in the sand and drew a line in the sand.  She is asked who should throw the first stone, he that was without sin.  The stones were left behind and Jesus said to her, sin no more.

The anti-patriarchy groups and writers are willing to "throw stones" at innocent men.  They enjoy the thrill of seeing a man accused of being a rapist when he wanted to remain married, a pedophile (when man was 18 and tried dating) and removed from the privilege of pastoring a church because he was caught describing to a young girl how to read the bible in a "lust-like" way.

It is ok to be a strong women.  To stand up for your tribe.  But in reality you are a stronger women when you forgive those who wrong you.  To be anti-patriarchy also means to be anti-matriarchy.  It is to be opposed to women who want to give birth in their own home and for women to do her own maternity care as she knows is best for her.  When stooping to the low level of anti-patriarchy and anti-matriarchy, the heart is seared with unforgiveness of 'conditions" that happen in nature.

Conditions that happen in nature involve lusts, lures, temptations, losses and gains.  It was that way before legal systems put 'stickers" on men's back.

Perhaps if one truly thinks about the mode of deception and false accusation driving the anti-patriarchy group and or writer, one will find in the darkest corner a rejection of brotherly love.  Meaning to them they hate seeing the words in the bible which describe that Jesus said to lay life down for friends.  The deceptive lure also drives in the hatred of sisterly love as well.  A hatred to see women bearing one another's burdens of caring for widows and orphans.

Besides these matters, the anti-patriarchy groups also lingure in the dark view that all men are "not created equal in the eyes of creator" so they see the view of "sin" as a "light" when in fact it is complete darkness.  Filled with void.  Filled with hate.  Filled with scorn.  Filled with sadistic behavior that leads to earlier death.  They may disguise it and say it is a "Culture" practice to encourage men and women to behave as prostitute of themselves, which in fact this is not a guide for holy life.

How to escape the anti-patriarch view of life?  1. Don't comment on their articles in favor of their false accusations against men.  2. Read scripture as a means to overcome personal selfish gain 3. Love your husband if you are married.  Love your brother if you are not married.  Love disabled and weak rejected men if your family is not Christ-focused. 4. Visit the stranger and the fatherless. 5. Speak out against the false-accuser-of-the-brethren.  5. Point out QUALITIES in men, both the faith and out of the faith through salvation in Jesus.

In summary, to be anti-patriarch is to be careless with accusation.  To be careless, is to lack self-control and discernment of good vs. evil in one's OWN heart.
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