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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

How to Identify False ..... advocates.....

The people could be representing any of the following:
-children's rights
-women's rights
-disabled people's rights
-humanity and culture rights
-religious freedom rights
-any other cause or promotion including environmental issues (food, water, air, clothing, shelter etc etc)

In summary the people who left Europe were seeking freedom from those who forced religious beliefs and used govt' employees to inappropriately "search" the human body for this and that.  Inappropriate searches were done on children.  Some of it was rated "x."  Some people were burned at the stake because of the desire for religious freedoms.

Outward appearances are deceiving.  Observe character.

-Scornful (believing one as better than another and finding fault when things are not cleaned up correctly)
-False accusers
-Falsely help the poor brethren
-Not desiring prayers and natural healing oils for the disabled
-Misrepresenting the cause they stand for (showing rated "X" objects or things in a display manner or costume)
- Pride Filled
-War and Terrorist mongering and denying among certain groups of people or practices
-Uncleanliness (leaving protest objects, articles, needs behind)
-Institutionalized methods as a preserver of life rather than a method of protecting human life.  (abortion clinics do not save human lives.  Woman may use this method to help overcome pregnancy burdens, but it is never an ultimate means to preserve all of her life.  A wise woman will "choose life.")
-money goes to govt' structures which promote terrorism funds rather than to people who earned it.
-unconcerned about babies 22 weeks of gestation up to one year of age.
-Believe sexuality entitles special privilages.
-Consistent mockery
-Ignoring Truth
-gossiping, and meddling
-not wanting family choice in DNR situations for disabled babies under two weeks old and for other patients cared for by the family in their own home.
-not wanting disabled people including those with mental health issues to share their faith beliefs so long as it is not endangering others or themselves.
-Promoting selfish education choices rather than practical self-less choices
-Over institutionalized marriage and family raising beliefs.
-Denying pedophilia issues among certain types of people
-exposing children to wicked sights and talk
-Foul language
-Believing that all Religious people act that way because of religion itself.
-Deny of natural and supernatural miracle powers
-Disbelieve that people once hurt by each other can forgive each other including married couples, nationality groups or tribes.
-Never talking personally to people of the culture or race you are representing.
-Unnatural desires among people or animals.
-Purposefully promoting the misuse of pharmacy drugs and healing remedies to stop human and animal heart beat from surviving.
-Disrespectful of language practices.
-Unbalance in advocacy.  If promote one type of people, they need to promote and encourage the people who do not follow the same principle to do good.
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