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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Ways to make a little income on the internet

This type of income is not guaranteed to help you 'survive.'  It would be more reliable to put an advertisement in the local paper stating that you want to mow lawns and do various odd jobs for people.  However, you can make some income through the internet.

1. www.inboxdollars.com This one is great and simple if you don't want to use a lot of brain power.

2. www.elitewriters.org If you feel like telling people various things from how-to's to how your day goes and enjoy sharing this on social media, this is a way to make a few pennies per article you write  A person can write just about anything and they don't have to have perfect grammar.

3. Self Publish.  www.amazon.com has a method to self-publish e-books!  There are other ways to publish e-books, but this is so simple and easy to use.  I have some links in the corner of my blog at the upper right of books I have published.

4. If you are active blogger, you could motivate others to purchase through 'amazon associates'  This is a great way to set up a mini store and make a bit of income.  Select books you would like to sell.  I have a little store that I created many years ago, (link in upper right hand corner) that you are free to observe items for sale.

5. General blogging.  Adjust a blogger site to accept google ad-sense advertizement.  This can take awhile to generate income, but if you are active enough in blogging and have enough content, you too could make good income.

To be successful with internet income, make sure to organize your time on each website and the activities you would like to accomplish, this way you are doing something to generate income, but not spending too much time so that you can enjoy regular activities in life.  Always take a 'sabbath day' of rest.
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