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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Pine Trees and Abraham

Today for our lesson we looked at study of Abraham from the KJV of the bible.  We studied how he was 100 years old when he heard the news of Isaac and 120 years old when God told him to go to Mt. Mariah.  Now if a person simply believes the childish versions of the Abraham story they will miss the vital details of actual age of Isaac.  The age of Isaac is not given but the age of Abe is, so a person should have the skill to calculate from there.

Later we went to a patch of white pine trees to study the trees.  It turns out that we could easily build a simple fort in that area and play survival games as it appears to be on public property....   while we were there our oldest found that a simple dollar store saw was a really good toy to cut off branches and make little blocks.  I hope he can create little things with simple wood cuttings.
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