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Monday, July 28, 2014

Attacks by feminst woman.....

Ok so I went to college.  I went to class.  I went to class with all males.  I luv the guys.  I would say I was a tom-boy in my day.

However, if there is one type of woman who is actually against all women AND children, it would have to be the feminist.  They are the unsaved vicious beast of society.

Are they the hard working name in the community.  Perhaps they are and perhaps they are not.  It may just depend on her emotional stability to sustain such workforce demons.

To further explain the conundrum we must ask, where is a woman's husband's wages going to support?  More abortions via a govt' check?  More daycare expenses for a whoredom who can't handle raising her own children?  We must just ask ourselves as woman....... are you a part of the mess or are you taking part to clean it up?

Some woman have disability and seriously are NOT part of the problem.  But for those of them who were created healthy in the beginning and give themselves over to the flair of govt' dependency to flaunt her various abortions and child-dependent education system, well we know who you really are inside.  A money hungry beast of burden to all the other women in society.


There is no other way to get out of the mess but through salvation in Christ.  Other wise you as a woman are a part of the problem in society.  Ranging from govt' funded abortion pills to govt' funded educational flairs.

If your husband can't work because he is on disability or something of that nature, then that is a different story for the woman who must take the load off of his shoulders but please do not pull us down to his level if he is a drunken sailor who can't keep his words in order.

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