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Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Few Thoughts

Life is not attendance at every single Christian conference known to exist in your area.  It is not traveling thousands of miles to attend the best of the best Christian conference either.  It is being still and knowing that he is God and he is eternal.  He is there where you are right now.  He is not found in a church building and only there.  He is found there and every where else too.  you may even find God in the bathroom at the mall.  All that is needed is prayer and hope for life eternal.  Everything else will make a blur of life.  It may seem that God wants you to fix the problems that are all over the place in this world.  It may be a desire for you to help meet God's need and your service to the world, but really, all that is needed is your contentment and relaxation, your recognition that his eternal presence is always there in the simplest of times and places.  You do not need a special theological study to understand this, you only need a little knowledge of scripture and you may maintain the solid foundation of love eternal for our souls.....
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