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Friday, January 3, 2014

Bring up baby on a dime

Here are some ideas to save you thousands, hundreds and even more when bringing up baby.
1. Buy used. You can keep them nice and resell.
2. Encourage practical gifts from well-meaning family and friends. Not the cute stuff the baby will wear 5 minutes and never wear again.
3. Borrow.
4. Accept second hand things that people give you.
5. Think "poverty countries." They use baby sling instead of baby swing. Lay baby on ground at night on small blanket and never use baby food. Also they use infant potty training as have no diapers....

Baby Tub....sink works fine with added washclothes for cushion.
Wipes.....cut apart washcloths and add a little babysoap as needed.
Bottles.... Not really needed if you can nurse and you stay home with baby.
Car Seat.... Find used or actually pay for this to meet regulation.
Changing table.... Bedside works fine.
Cloth Diapers...... Flannel sheets sewn in diaper shape with added extra flannel works fine. Sew around edges.
Rubber Pants.....Wool works well as soaker. You may have to buy these or make some with vinal. Shower curtains for 1$ work in emergency.
Pins..... Velcro sewn two sides together so that hooks on one side and soft stuff on other work well. Make 12-24 inch strip in any way or style you like.
Clothes.... Used used used......Dollar store for quick "needed" clothing. Babies like to go in diapers only up until 3 years old anyway.
Crib....bedding in bureau drawer. I used a clothes basket once. Play pens work for older children. Co-sleeping works with safety rollover precautions.
Diaper bag.....Any sturdy bag. Used backpack works too. I sewed a nice one from scrap and saw it listed as 70 dollars on etsy.
Diaper Bucket..... Daily change a gallon icecream bucket and put on small load until baby is older.
Diaper stuff....cornstarch works if no powder on hand. Dollar store has items as long as baby isn't allergic. A good diaper cream is nice to have on hand.
Eating Essentials.... Adult spoons work fine. If you are concerned about plastic a nice adult clay bowl is fine.
Formula....if you are able to breast feed....do so up to 18 months to 2 years so that baby doesn't have to fall into illness for lack of nutrient.
Gate..... Train baby easily by flicking the hand when they reach for the door. Keep poisons, meds high. For stairway, close door or tie straps. Sometimes its best to just buy this or make one from lumberyard scrap.
Highchair.....find used one that attaches to table. Sit on lap. A towel folded around baby in adult chair works too for an emergency.
Mobile and entertainment toys....come and go. Make homemade when possible.
Pacifiers..... Don't allow or just make a toy.
Playpen....Pillows and chairs surrounding or train to sit on blanket with toys.
Shoes....Don't use until 1 year and walking. Start with soft shoes or rubber grip socks.
Baby food....hand crank device works fine. Food processor and freeze in old water bottles or what have you.
Stroller....Sling or cheap 15 dollar one at wal-mart.
Toys....boxes are more entertaining than toys.
Walker....Not necessary.
Wind-up swing......sling that is comfortable works better. Make sure mother is getting good nutrients and then baby won't cry as much and need rocking comfort.

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