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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Snow in Summer

Prov 26:1 As snow in summer, and as rain in harvest, so honour is not seemly for a fool.

Have you ever attended an event where the people were honoring each other but they simply were not sincere enough to walk in truth? What I mean is if a person was honored for playing the part of a religious prophet and says things like "you will never have trials in your life." I've been around people like that and it actually makes me sick. I like to read the bible but I really don't like it when people twist things and tell untruths.

How about a place where there is a man whom you know will not stick with his guns and respect his marriage vows or his determination to keep his eyes only towards his wife. I see a lot of this happening in the USA and it is no wonder our economic problems are occurring, the men are foolish and have no regard or respect of human life or the woman to whom they are married.

Of course there may be times where I am "fooled" and misinterpret that a man walking around in a police uniform of some sort on a street corner is actually not a police officer but an actor who is ready to mug me. I suppose there is not much I can do about the tricks that men believe they can and should get away with. I hope God judges people like that.

I really can't see my self wanting to give honor to a man to left his wife and five kids and she chose never to abort any of her children. Yes it may be hard to raise such a brood in this world that hates human life, but really I can't see how I could ever give honor to such a man.

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