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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Inner Desire to live within Gods plan for love in life

As man was asked to work the soil and bring bread out of it, the women is asked to guide the house and bear children that God would receive glory and not man. These concepts are not well understood in modern America as political and other activist strive to work against this nature. When we trust God's word as truth we will see our innermost dreams and feelings fulfilled rather than squandered or beaten down to the point where we cannot function or deal with the pressures of society.

So many people run here and there thinking they will arrive at what God has planed for us by doing religious things in a church, accomplishing some political or scientific acumen. Instead, we need to stop, take time to study his word and fill it in our lives to allow God to lead us in the right direction. God really did make men and he wants us women to help him meet all his needs. He can and will fill our innermost womanly vision and dreams when we are in love with his ways.

Women imagine turning the man whom you married into the man of your dreams and picture yourself in a romance book with your husband as the provider. Our inner dreams and visions to be fulfilled are there only if we listen and strive for this truth. Magically, the man whom you loved in your youth will start building ideas to live within a means that doesn't strain you and will allow you to live in freedom from debt and fear. He may even show you so much love as to build you a castle if you are a wise woman.

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