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Saturday, December 14, 2013

A day of Rest

So today is Saturday. I try my hardest not to have anything on my to-do-list. Sometimes I make it a Sabbath and try to avoid opening up my computer, starting up the oven, running around in our car and using other servants I have around the house and in ownership But I'm not orthodox on it so I find that I also may simply call it a "family day" where I spend as much time with the kids as possible and relax about things. I like to kick back and read a book on a day like today. I wish everyday was a Sabbath where I have no to-do-list for the day, but that is not possible because the laundry would pile up and I wouldn't have the opportunity to get enough supply for food and such. On days like today I may even visit my relatives and help them clean up their house so it wouldn't be a sabbath anymore. Ah well. It is fun to remember to study the bible in great detail on a day like today anyway. Life will feel more truthful if I pursue such an activity like that today. I've even taken a day like today and memorized psalms which is a really helpful activity to say the least as it rejuvenates my mind and keeps it focused on truth.

Tomorrow is the first day of the week again. On that day I do like to go to a bible study but I will start up again and finish un-done items on my to-do-list.

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