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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Will the REAL mama please stand up

Just because you happen to be the birth mother of a child does not make you THE mama of the child. If you hurriedly get up in the morning and rush your little one off for someone else to dry his tears, counsel him, provide medicine to cure him, feed him lunch, and read him a book, please do not call yourself his mama. That child is being "adopted" out everyday, with the added insult of being yanked around from one adopted mama to another. In order to bond properly and grow up emotionally stable, a small child must spend the vast majority of his time with his one true, permanent mama, whom God has ordained to daily pour knowledge and love into that little life. A true mother doesn't turn that child into the slave of another in order to get him to sit still in a desk and get a load of brainwash rather than truth. A true mother doesn't pay someone else to raise and teach the child her way. A true mother doesn't give credit to the television set for teaching her child so much knowledge and good character. If a true mother has been given a disability or physical limitation then there is a need to "hire" another helper to help raise the child. There is no such thing as a mother that is too dumb to love and read and cook for her own child. Lets stop the child enslavement as it only causes mothers to come back weeping because the children end up choosing sin and destruction over life and joy. The children end up in sexual impurity, delayed management of their time, rotten friends and confusions about how to interact properly within marriage and more. If you as a mother do not feel that you have enough of a "professional" ability to meet a child's need, then there are books and resources out there to help you gain more knowledge and wisdom on any given area. The God who loves us also gave us a bible to help meet the child's needs and protect the child from evil.
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