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Friday, August 16, 2013

How do you schedule your time here on earth?

Life on earth is temporary.  That is just the way it is.  Recently my husband had a friend drown in an accident.  He was an intelligent kid though he ended up with emotional disturbances and the inability to be there as a father to his own child because of those disturbances.  What children need for intellectual growth and maturity is scripture.  Of course it should NEVER be forced on them or it wouldn't be true and curing to their spirit.  Rather it should be given as an intellectual challenge to their mind and spirit.  They need to be taught that scripture is based off of a biblical calendar and have them memorize it.  That will help them understand its logical foundation better.  The Gregorian calendar is NOT a part of biblical structure although we can still use the words that Christ spoke in the middle of any given circumstance and life happening.

In our home I have been working with our own fully free from burden Biblical based curriculum.  What it consists of is reading scripture throughout the day every day.  Normally a person would think that that would be so "boring" but it is rather interesting and fully intellectually challenging to any who would listen.  I am not against using other literature or sources but rather just interested in managing my time more wisely.

In countries where Christians are regularly persecuted patterns like these reading patterns are quite common!  It is amazing how much we American Christians have forgotten to rely on truth and have put so much emphasis on intellectual idolatry which only leads to less fulfilling and out of control lives especially if not surrounded by love.

 A schedule of what this looks like is the following:
6:00 Wake up Personal prayer, bible reading and such
6:30 Outdoor excercise
7:00 breakfast
7:30 clean-up get dressed
8:00 Psalms and Proverbs study.  Read 5 psalms and one proverb.
8:30 walk outside
9:00 Further study/ chores.
9:30 Law study. Read 2 chapters.
10:00 Lunch preparation pick up.
10:30 Further Study/ Chores/ Pick up
11:00 Lunch Preparation
11:30 Lunch
12:00 Clean up / Pick up
12:30 Rest
1:00 Old Testament Study. 3 or 4 chapters
1:30 Further Study
2:00 Chores/ Pick up
2:30 Craft/ Grooming Etc.
3:00 Further Study
3:30 Old Testament Study continued
4:00 Chores/ Pick up
4:30 Out door activity
5:00 Supper preparation
5:30 Words of Christ.  (Can be used alone for replacement of preacher and may be used if you do not want to follow "christian" teaching for spiritual nourishment) Read one chapter.
6:00 Supper
6:30 Clean-up / New Testament Study. Read one chapter.
7:00 Evening Activity
7:30 Outdoor Activity
8:00 Reading Fun/ Preschool
8:30 Groom/ bath/ bedtime

For further information check out my hens and chicks blog.  I describe how I entertain preschoolers with scripture by a variety of activity.

Is this reading pattern too religious?  No as it is truth and intellect based and nothing but that.  Religious means that a person bows, sits stands or refuses knowledge and wisdom in any form or shape.  Of course the purpose in our life is to worship God and him alone and build our culture in glory to him with no theological strings attached.  For further study I include child-bite size study of math problems and other information that is at college level or higher.
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