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Friday, June 21, 2013

Informtaion about freedom in healthcare

 I posted a reply to a lady who was wondering how to afford healthcare in Obamacare situations.  Below is my reply.

Combined insurance (http://www.combinedinsurance.com/) is pretty affordable with no premium.  Around 30$ per month for the whole family.  It's an accident only insurance so it will not cover little check ups and such.  Husband goes to chiropractor frequently and he gets the payments back each time.

I agree.  We are a DIY healthcare family.  If we don't need it and we can do it ourselves we don't buy it.  Going to the doctor frequently for no reason but to examine something that can be examined at home makes people sicker and more financially deprived in the long run.  You can google search various tests that you may want (like hemoglobin tests, urinary tests and such) and home kits can be sent to your home.  There may be hospitals that offer direct lab tests with no physicians orders and such.  That would save a lot for an office visit. My husband has a nursing license and works with elderly persons who actually are in frequent need of assistance so long as family cannot assist them.



Here are a few ideas on do-it-yourself health care:

Here is a link to ideas about children's health:

Here is a link to maternal and childbirth health:

Pick up a book by Mendelssohn too

We always need added wisdom in these situations about "why" political persons and religious superiority seem to intervene on things God has given us the ability to discern on our own.  Christ is sufficient in all these issues and I like to read 5 psalms and one proverb per day according to the day of the month to help me understand what the nature of the people happens to be.  We need only fear God when socialists attempt to cause guilt or illegal stipulations on the innocent and independent.  That gives me the "mental health care" or psychology and sociology studies that I need.  Words of Christ helps me to not feel like I need to ask a pastor or church friend if my decisions to be free from or to attending various events or reading a certain book or talking to a certain person is good or bad.

Maybe when we get older we may find that we are in need of more healthcare services, but I believe prevention and wisdom about general lifestyle and nutrition can cure a lot of diseases.  Some persons even choose unassisted death and it is apparent that their body is shutting down so they don't have to depend on strangers or even insurance for that matter.
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