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Monday, May 20, 2013

woman, work, income truth or deadly error

I thought this was a well written article about the truth of women and working for income (strict labor soul-robbing income that is).


I know some of us are struggling financially, but God CAN and WILL give you creativity to help bring up your children despite these hardships. [Try adding a little fabric to an oatmeal container for an added storage unit, milk cartons can be cut in many ways] Suffering may occur (another woman may attack you for choosing to stay home with your children, husband may loose job because people fib about his work skills), but we must follow God's word on these issues.   The feminist idea is like telling humans we can survive on the moon.  We can't have natural births on the moon......gravity won't allow it.  The feminist idea is like telling a man he can eat a poisonous mushroom found in the woods and live.  God designed the mushroom not for human survival. We can only stand for truth in Christ in this ugly world of scornful sin driven flesh. Feed the spirit in God's word and the flesh will dissipate and feel no need to be served.

The way for a woman to get freedom in a scientific manner (yes I love math and science) is to SOLVE problems in the home.  How can she with only two hands and two feet wash those dishes, sweep the floor, wipe noses, maintain joy around husband, keep up on knowledge of medical science, learn new sewing trick to make quality item and learn about wild foods in the area all in one day?  Yes it takes a little science and math to solve these things.  But she need not depend on a pay check to figure these things out.  She may depend upon God's word to give her strength.  She may depend upon prayer.  She may depend upon witnessing to others in these matters.  The true wise-woman of proverbs 31 seeks to please God first, husband second, children third, community/church fourth, and only in the case of husband disability or paying off her own foolish debts would she choose to work in a man's position.
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