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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pulling my hair out or keeping it in control

 This is a post from another mother on a forum about how to keep up with toys around the house.  She wondered what to do.

Here is what I suggest:

Some ideas:
1. Rotating toys in one easy to clean up box.   Store away the other toys and get them out one box per month.
2. Reduce toys and encourage more chore FUN around the house.  Have children give toys to charity or garage sale.  Help the child improve his or her character when doing chores www.characterjournal.com.
3. Encourage children to make their own toys out of recyclable, old toys that broke or missing pieces and natural items (sticks, leaves, rocks etc).  It will help them learn about so many subjects and help them learn to take care of things they make with their own hands.
4. Always train the child to keep surroundings neat and orderly. Say regularly "always keep your surroundings neat and orderly like this" then demonstrate by behavior.
5. If things get out of hand sweep it all into one big pile so the floor is cleared and sort through the pile.....have the kids help.
6. If you are good at managing time, try scheduling regular pick-up times 10:00, 12:00, 2:00, 4:00, evening before bed.
7. Teach good cleaning habits.  Show them a picture of a clean house or take a picture of your house when it is neat and orderly and say "I would like this house to look like that."  Teach them about how vinegar kills bacteria and then practice cleaning with it.
8. Spend time away from the house, if you are overwhelmed at times.  Attend library, college, church, park, visit elderly or even public school events
9. Learn a bible verse together and then do a cleaning task.  Learning scripture and chore balanced together makes good habit. (Don't worry I have yet to master this, I've only heard it said that another mother does this)
10. Teach organization skills, colors and counting while putting items away.......

The ideas are there, its just that we need to overcome our fleshly frustrations in the process.

I would try not to worry you are not the only one who deals with these issues.  They say that until the child is seven years old, the child will need assistance learning how to care for his own messes.  After that things start to clock in for responsibility if the mother and father chose to train the child on how to keep surroundings neat and orderly.

I look at picking up my children's stuff like pulling weeds in a garden.  They show up and children's messes happen.

I like the book by Terri Maxwell  "homeschooling with meek and quiet Spirit"  It really helped me overcome my flesh problems when I get frustrated with things like messes.

Other resources to try, "to train up a child" by nogreaterjoy.org or www.raisinggodlytomatoes.com (use discernment, wisdom and control with spanking) It shouldn't be needed after age three.
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