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Friday, May 24, 2013

Over come video games and bring out the best.


Other free e-books that really plainly spelled out good parenting methods that are compliant with Christian values AND are intellectually stimulating:


So far the above methods have been effective in our home.

Some times just "locking it away" or coming together as a church and saying absolutely no video games or tv in the home are ineffective as the child will think he should jump ship into the neighbors worldly home where the neighbor has boose all over the place, cussing and lazy attitudes.  We DO NOT want our children to jump ship but we do want them to be educated and skillful in many areas.  We want our children to be confident that they are doing good to others and to them selves.

They say a "busy child is a happy child"  We need to train our children to be active in good and constructive activities that benefit others before themselves.

The methods described by www.gordontraining.com would work in a public school setting, however, not all schools or even communities are compliant.  Neither do all have the intellectual strengths available to pick up a new skill like "active listening"  It takes these parents needless trial-error to come to the conclusion that there is no hope, the flesh of my child cannot be conquered to improve.

In our home its working.  An example....nice boy on the street who was about to talk to some hub-bub teen-group out of curiosity asked my oldest if he wanted to come out and play.  My oldest response was to enjoy his responsibility in the home by saying "Not right now, we need to pick up some things"  He said so not in a moanful resentful or hate-the-parent way but more in a positive call to duty sort of way.

I'm also interested in www.characterjournal.com and I also like www.solvefamilyproblems.com.  If you are familiar with the Duggars, they like to use the IBLP and Bill Gothard methods.  All in all psychology of the modern man is the psychology of proverbs written in a different form of wording as I've noticed it to be.

Anyone else have other resources ideas that are working for them to bring out the good decisions in the child rather than the bondage to sin, flesh and destruction???
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