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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Milk Jug and Plastic Bag Fun

recycled plastic milk jug

Do you have a lot of milk jugs and are wondering what in the world to do with all of them?

Here are a few ideas: 35 uses for plastic milk jugs

Another possibility is to melt milk jug plastic.  To do that use a clothes iron set on hot steam setting.  Place pieces of cut out milk jug between wax paper.  Set the iron on the wax paper for about 10 seconds.  Let the melted plastic cool and then lift off a new shape that can be used for anything.  Strips of milk jug plastic can be woven to make the sides for a basket and more.

Also, plastic bags can be melted into a sewable fabric strips as well.  Take layers of plastic bag and pieces between wax paper.  Set an iron on lower setting.  Check the setting on your iron and time to melt only enough to allow the plastic to stick together but not dissolve.  You may also crochet or knit plastic bags too.  Try melting just a little bit and see what happens.  For more information go to pinterest

Crocheted Plastic Bag Doily Clock

Fuse Plastic Bags :)

Have fun and make it unique and special looking rather than extra recycled look for you and your household.
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