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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

CHARACTER: Characterjournal.com

-Does him good and not evil all the days of her life
-strength and honour are her clothing
-opens her mouth with wisdom
-in her mouth is the law of kindness
-her children and husband rise up and call her blessed
-her own works praise her in the gates.
-she feareth the LORD

This is a Proverb's 31 series

In order to make our homes better, more efficient and thought filled according to God's word, we need to make sure our lives are centered upon establishing Godly character.  Even though we are weak in the flesh, God can and will give us enough strength to help us establish Godly character in the home.  Most homes and even churches in the United States are not filled with Godly men and women of good character, this is largely in part due to the many "_____isms" and cults that surround us and the lack of knowledge of God's word.  God changes not, he still expects us to be good and to use wise judgment in regards to our behaviors and actions.  In fact, our character is molded and improved when we face trials, sufferings  and false accusations in this life, and that is in and of itself, something to be thankful for.  If we are falsely accused in this life we can and should be exceedingly thankful because our crown will be given unto us in heaven above.  I would encourage those of you who home school to consider a portion of each week devoted to training and teaching your children about how to have godly character.  Devote your time to ensuring that the children pay attention while you read the portions below.  In fact, when you go about your daily routine and correct your children in a godly sort of way with kind and gentle wording, so that they will learn how to have better character.

If your home is filled with Godly people, your home will be a happy home indeed.  Possessions are a minor necessity compared to a home with godly care-filled people.  A home of godly people is a home of great riches.

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