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Thursday, July 19, 2012


Time Management
-riseth while it is yet night
-her candle goeth not out by night
-looketh well to the ways of her household
-eateth not the bread of idleness

This is a Proverb's 31 series post.

Have you ever thought of creating a "common book"  It is similar to that of a household management binder only more of a note taking, scrap book of ideas and procedures.  It was wonderful resource for those who lived in the 1800's and it can still be used today.  In those days it would contain a list of ideas and resources for a number of ideas.  For example it would contain a section in the book for special menus and recipes as well as another section of sewing ideas and procedures and another for gardening tips and notes.

Today you can make a common book with any number of categories:
Here may be a few:

Electronics and Technology tips
Child Raising Tips and Results
Husband Support and ideas for better help mete
Kitchen and Food
Cleaning tips
Education schedules, ideas, goals
Remedy Methods
Prayer Section, ideas and prayer list
Books reading list
Frugal living ideas
Evening Entertainment ideas
Bible reading activities
Craft ideas and projects
Home sewing projects
Wisdom and proverbs
"ology" section of various studies
Etiquette Tips
Birthdays, Anniversary and Holiday Dates
Survival, Bulk foods, native lifestyle and Emergency Procedures
Resources and Programs, inernet based and local
Small Business, Farmer's market and Free Style income.
Baby, home birth and natural birth
Large Family Suggestions

Having a Common Book can save you lots of time trying to "look up" the same information over and over again for reference.  It can be made from a bunch of scrap paper or a simple .10 notebook from Wal-mart.  It can be FanCy and more scrap book in nature or it can be plain and more of a scratch book of sorts.  You make the choice and design it to fit your lifestyle.
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