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Sunday, July 22, 2012

GIVING: Thank you notes

-gives a protion of meat unto her maidens
-stretcheth out her hand to the poor and reacheth forth her hands to the needy

This is a Proverb's 31 series post

After receiving gifts from those outside the immediate nuclear family, it is good etiquette to return a good thank-you note within one month of receiving the gift.  Below are examples of what to write in the thank-you cards.


Dear Aunt Gloria,
Thank you so much for the beautiful stemware you sent to us. I know it will look wonderful on our table and we can't wait to invite you to dinner after the wedding so that you can see it for yourself. You have always had such wonderful taste in gifts!
Looking forward to seeing you on our big day!
With love,
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Reingold,
Thank you for the lovely candlesticks you gave to us for our wedding. They'll be sure to keep the romance burning at our table for many years to come.
Best wishes-
Elissa James
Dear Marjorie and Jack,
You two always know how to select the perfect gift! We just love the CD collection you gave us as a wedding present. You'll have to come by soon so we can enjoy our first dinner party together as married couples. We'll be sure to crank up the CD player that night to enjoy the new tunes.
Tina and Bill

For different ideas on how to make handmade cards check out http://www.vickiscardmakingideas.com/
A basic image printed from the computer and placed on card stock can be turned in to a number of different  cards for many different thank-you notes and other greeting cards.  Even in our day of social networking, it is much more thoughtful to return a handmade paper thank-you note.  It stirs the memory of warmth and kindness to touch and feel a handmade card, given from the heart.
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