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Sunday, July 8, 2012

GARDENING: What to do when you can't garden

-plants a vineyard

This is a Proverb's 31 series post

Are you living in a situation where you are not able to garden or are not allowed to garden?  There may be different cases where that may be true.  For example, perhaps if you are like me, you live in a community where they offer the ability to have a community garden.  However, the cost of gas or riding a bike to the location is far more strenuous than the actual fun of raising and care for the garden is possible.

In our situation, having three children under the age of five makes it difficult to have a personal community garden plot because of the strain of child discipline and the constant watching of sometimes friendly neighbors and other times not so friendly neighbors who do not like children.  My oldest has said to me, "I want to plant a garden" and he often dreams of planting one.  I would love to have a plot right out side the door where I live.

On the other hand, because I am living with in-laws I know that they have a decent yard space, but it is specifically designed to meet their needs and they have not offered us to use or change their yard in any way.  Unfortunately, tearing up the entire yard and turning it into a garden is perhaps to "socially unacceptable" in their eyes so I have to make do with other activities.

If you are desirous to teach your children various names of garden plants, you may always take them to a local nursery and start naming the different plants.  Or you may go around the yard where you live and start identifying different plants that you see.  While you are naming the plants you could state, "God created plants on the third day of creation, so that means that God created the tomato plant on the third day of creation" and then state the bible verse to go along with it.

Perhaps there is a family member or kind grandparent that would allow your child to help garden or water for a day.  I am sure that your child would love to do just that.

Not only are those options available, but if you are lucky you may grow a large container tomato plant or another vegetable or a 4 ft X 4 ft garden plot in square-foot garden style.  In the meantime, there are plenty of books on gardening that you may study to prepare for that day when you will actually have the opportunity to raise your own vegetables.
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