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Friday, July 13, 2012

CLOTHING: How to help daughters choose modesty

-all her household are clothed with scarlet
-maketh herself coverings of tapestry
-her clothing is silk and purple 

This is a Proverb's 31 series post.

In our American culture, modesty is downgraded among our youth girls.  It only seems to gain its appeal for the woman 35 and older.  If you are living in an environment where it seems that others seem to want to pressure your daughter to dress in ways that are not modest or to emphasize more of the appearance of clothing rather than the appearance of her character, you can relax a little bit because there are ways that you can peacefully work with her.

For starters, you need to learn how to listen to your young daughter.  If you are forcing your daughter to wear modest dress or other specific types of clothing and she is throwing tantrums, the approach of that nature will eventually burnout and die.

1. Start by examining her closet of clothes.  If there is anything in her closet that does not seem to fit your sense of appropriate attire (appears too provocative or too masculine in nature), toss it out.  Ask your husband for his opinion on the clothing attire as well.  Hopefully he is a Godly man who understands the need to protect daughters from onlooking "boogy men"

2. Next, take your daughter to the closet of clothes and ask her what she would like to wear.  Allowing HER the choice in the matter of what she wears gives her confidence that she CAN make the right choices as far as clothing attire is concerned.  Be aware that if she is young (say about 2 years old) she may pick out a long sleeve shirt for hot weather and a mismatching skirt to go with it. She may even pick out a shirt that you don't particularly like, but you must learn to accept her opinion or she will never LEARN about the importance of modesty.

3. To help her gain confidence in choosing modest clothing.  Tell her the PLAIN facts.   Men look under women's skirts or look down women's shirts.  It is not good for a godly women or a woman who doesn't want to find her self in a dangerous relationship to dress in ways that draw "boogy men" attention.  For a two year old the word "boogy man" means a whole lot.  For an older teenager, simply saying modesty prevents bad relationships with the opposite sex will go a thousand miles to save your daughter from so much trouble.
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