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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Woman's Battles and Bondages

Are you a woman in distress and really can't seem to overcome your problems in life (bad relationships, husband not behaving the way you think he should, still single but discouraged etc etc.)

Here are some good reads to help you along the way while on your pathway through this life:
Every Woman's Battle 
A book for woman to develop a stronger relationship with Christ and overcome the grips of Satan

Before you meet Prince Charming
A book for young woman to develop strong relationship with guardians and to improve Character before saying "I Do"  The unsaved and feminist  and/or religious woman will NOT like this book.  But the saved Christian woman will thoroughly enjoy the content of this book.  I even enjoyed it despite the fact that I am married.

Created to be his Helpmete
Very good read.  Some churches who are "religious" in nature and not biblically based may ban this book because of the content in regards to the bed room relationship.  But bondage to sin is real and the only way to stop it is in Christ.

Happy reading.  Hopefully these books will make your life better than it was before.

Of course the best book of all to change your heart and make it pure and bright is the bible 
A great way to study the bible can be found at e-sword.net

If you are struggling in your bondage to sin in the form of gambling, drinking, gluttony, depression and anxiety, self injury, eating disorders, homosexuality, pornography, sexual impurity and more check out

setting captives free

Find that freedom forever in Christ alone!  Sadly many people that attend our local churches are still in bondage in some form or another and only Christ can truly make them free.
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