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Friday, February 11, 2011

Pen Pals for homeschoolers

Would you like to share your personal life story with someone around the world?  Would you possibly like to share the gospel with someone from a country that does not accept Christianity?  Would you like to know more about someone from a different location?  Would you possibly like to travel or invite someone from another location into your home school for a while?

It is easy to sign up to be a pen pal!  It is lots of fun too.  I remember participating in a pen pal program when I was in grade school.  The option is available to anyone online with quick and easy sign up.  Some pen pals become well acquainted with each other and actually have the opportunity to meet one another in person and visit their home for a short time.

Pen Pals and foreign exchange programs are not just for those in public schools ;)

It is really nice to get actual letters in the mail, rather than receiving everything electronic format.

Here is a website to help you get started if you are interested:


Happy writing :)
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