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Friday, January 7, 2011

Cold and flu season

My two little ones and I have endured the flu this past week.  In times past, I was a new mother and felt the need to go to the doctor to help my young one under 2 see a professional for a small case of the flu.  Each time they sent us back home and told us to keep the baby/toddler hydrated.  However, this time we did not need to see the doctor and she made it through and is happy and bubbly once again.  Some thing to note when helping little ones under 2 endure the flu:

-Always keep them hydrated.  Breast milk is best as this also contains electrolytes.
-Allow the little one to sleep often
-Keep the room hydrated with humidifiers and misters at 50% (you can buy a humidifier reader in a hardware location)  Often people do not get the flu in the summer because the humidity is so high.  You may also turn on the shower and sit in the enclosed bathroom for 1/2 hour time to elevate the humidity levels.
-Take the little one out side to get some sun for at least 15 minutes.  The vitamin D is good for fighting off the infections.  This is another reason people rarely get the flu in the summer.....lots of sun exposure.  However if windchill's are below 0 do not do this.
-Do not give the little one plain water because the electrolyte balance is not correct.  Instead add a little sugar and salt to the water to correct the electrolyte balance.  Pedialyte is an expensive product but will also work.  I've never used it.
-It is ok to give the baby a little ginger. chamomile and/or peppermint tea.  Just make sure that it is not too hot.
-Banana's help elevate potassium levels and baby will usually eat these.
-Check the temperature.  This rarely becomes a problem unless it is elevated above 104.  I would not consider going to a doctor unless the temperature was above 105 and this rarely happens.  It is best to let the child rest.  Place vinegar/water rags on child to help the child cool down through the skin.  Fevers are good because that means the body is fighting the infection.
-Make a mixture of goot and rub over the baby's body.  This contains extra virgin coconut oil and crushed garlic.  The garlic has potency to help fight infection.  Extra virgin coconut oil is miraculous in fighting many of the body's diseases.  Goot stored in the fridge becomes very potent and better with time.  Keep some on hand.  Onions may also be used.
-Onions can also be used as well.  I place onions between two pairs of socks and put them on my little one's feet over night and when sleeping to build up immune support.
-Things to watch for that need serious medical intervention: Blueness in color in hands, feet or face; vomiting blood; vomiting more than 48 hours; listless or not moving when disturbed......you as a mother will know when medical attention is seriously needed.  If you little one has other serious medical conditions, you may need to seek medical attention from a professional sooner.  In most cases of the flu it is not necessary to visit the doctor because hydration solves most problems.

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-After the vomiting has ceased for 24 hours your little one may be very fussy and hungry.  Start the baby out with foods that are very neutral in flavor such as baby oatmeal or other plain cereals.  Fruits, vegetables and grains without added spices or seasonings can also be fed to baby.  Avoid giving baby milk, meat, sugary or fatty products until 1 week after vomiting began to help the stomach and intestinal lining heal.

--Note--There are many more remedies to help you overcome the flu.  See what works best for you and your family ;)  Hopefully you make it through the season smoothly.......
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