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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Old Time Radio

During these long winter days, you may find yourself wondering what use for entertainment especially on the days where you find yourself snowed in. How about old time radio! It is fun to listen to because life was pretty simple in the days when radio entertainment was popular.

So pop some pop corn on the stove and brew a cup of homemade apple cider or hot chocolate and enjoy entertainment from the days of lore.

Here are a few links to great sites with old time radio shows which you may listen to at any time:

Radio Lovers

Old Time Radio Network

Internet Archive: Old Time Radio

Old time Radio Fans

Keep in mind, as homeschooling families dating and such concepts are not usually encouraged. However, some shows contain mild dating events and such. Some shows center around the life of the public school. However, if this is not a problem to you because the time of show airing has passed, listen away.
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