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Monday, January 11, 2010

The simple woman's daybook

I haven't posted very much lately because we have been busy moving and such....but I thought I would give this a try.....

Outside my window… Snow has fallen and the cold negative temperatures have kept us indoors for several days at a time
I am thinking… i am thankful to have a place to stay for a while as my husband is continuing school and is unemployed at the time. Also I am thankful for our decision to home-birth our new little one within the next few weeks. I know my body is preparing for this wonderful event!
I am thankful for… helpful hands and kind words despite life's confusing battles
From the Learning Rooms
An alphabet review. Tasted alphabit's cereal for the first time today and traced letters onto a poster.
From the kitchen… every day bread dough that is now frozen for a later date to be baked.... I'm currently sharing a kitchen with dh's grandmother so I have to accommodate a little bit here and there.
I am wearing… long purple skirt (looks native American), blue button up half-length top and flowery head covering
I am creating… home school cards and such information to assist with teaching preschool age littles at home
I am going… to rest in his good word as I know his promises reign true today as much as they did back then
I am currently reading… I had to return "Teaching the Trivium" and other homeschool books a few weeks ago as we moved...but now I will be refreshing on home birth prep material.
I am hoping… to go through my first home birth smoothly and to get the needed home school material completed before baby comes.
I am hearing…. the refrigerator motor running and a clock ticking
On my mind…questioning the safety in hospitals.....why so many woman believe that birth control and abortion are a solution to their problems in this life.....these "medical solutions" are a guise for a death sentence to innocent and unborn children. More babies die in hospitals than live to experience a breath of life....
Noticing that…Justice will be served when family members go astray. Finding it is possible to loose touch with those I grew up with, but God's word and his unfailing love always remains.
Around the house… cleanliness because my DH's grandmother cleans....
One of my favorite things……Trusting in him to provide. He gives us our daily needs and more as we put our faith in him.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Making labor flow sheets for medical communication..... May be half filled in....but that's ok. Continuing home school preparations for the next few weeks of lessons. Sewing up some stuff from scrap material I have accumulated.

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