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Friday, January 29, 2010

A highly recomended book

Are you a new Christian, one who grew up in a Christian home or one that has fallen to the temptations of this world with tragic results? Have you found that you are struggling in your faith and have been torn apart by the hypocrisy in some churches? Do you have family members who "love" their sin? This book exposes how the enemy tries to get us to "sample" the lusts of this world. It has been a wonderful read for anyone who would like to put a mark on the enemy's lies..... We don't have to become a victim to the deceptions of this world thanks to Christ dieing on the cross.

Summary "There are many 'modern' sins ensnaring more and more people everyday. Some are blatant, but many are secret, quickly seducing the participant into behavior that separates them from God. Popular pastor and author Erwin Lutzer exposes Satan's seven most common 'traps,' warning readers and giving them hope for liberation from these forms of bondage. Addressing greed, gambling, alcoholism, pornography, sexual freedom, pleasure, and occultism, Lutzer takes on tough and sensitive issues with great compassion and clarity."
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