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Saturday, June 13, 2009

List of top 10 lost mothering skills

Because of feminism, the public school system, need for speed and industrial workaholic mentality much of the skills many mothers are ingrained to have, are lost and are next to impossible if not very difficult to uncover without some struggles. I have compiled a list of a few items that have been lost through the years.

10. Ability to care for great-grand mother, grandpa grandmother, mother and father as well as 5 young children in one's own home. No need for nursing home system.
9. Herbal remedies and simple cures for aliments.
8. Basic housekeeping and food preparation skills.
7. Peaceful relations with the neighbors. Sharing a pan full of fresh baked cookies with some neighbors.
6. Infant Potty Training. Training children to use the toilet before they can remove their own clothing.
5. Homeschooling. Acquiring all knowledge needed to survive within one's own home and community without a regimented system.
4. Home business. Allowing one to rely on his or her own skills and talents to provide for the needs of the community and one's own self without the reliance of a payroll paycheck.
3. Long term breastfeeding. Feeding a child well into two years of age without getting strange looks.
2. Living self sustainably. No need necessary to rely on insurance companies and unemployment to meet ones survival.
1. Independent home birthing and baby raising. No need to run to the doctor for prenatal checkups and well child checks. Today some are "punished" for such radical behavior.
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