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Monday, May 4, 2009

Lovely Garage Sale Finds

Even though my husband is unemployed at the moment, I was still able to find some lovely items to decorate our home. I didn't feel right to allow our house "look" like we were actually below the poverty level so I cumbered up these simple items.I placed these items near our bathroom sink.
I love the goose and girl figurine as well as the bonnet girl with her pet lamb.
The folks where we bought much of the decorations, gave us this bunny for free. I do believe my dear son picked it out.
I found this throw blanket at a garage sale for about 3.00. I couldn't pass it up because it shows a picture of a Victorian style house with quilts of different kinds. Also the two bunnies on the book shelf are such unique pairs
I found 4 sturdy chairs for under two dollars at a unique garage sale on my way to work at the nursing home. I will be covering the chairs with a lovely cover because the color doesn't match other items in our home.
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