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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Fear Mongering and the diminishing quality of health care services

Lately many of us have heard in the news that the Swine Flu is approaching our towns and cities and may be near you..... However, this "pandemic" is nothing to worry about. This excellent article exposes the real side to this media inspired pharmaceutical industry booster. Also much of the pharmaceutical scam is exposed here. This falsity of the claims in the pandemic existence of the swine flu is much more dangerous than the swine flu itself. For one thing, public health officials may be knocking on your door and forcing you and your family to unwillingly receive vaccines toted with a drug that may not even work and may even cause more health problems and even death. Furthermore false claims in the medical industry significantly lowers the quality of the health care system. When people learn that they are succumbing to false research they are less likely to trust those in the medical industry..... False science = poor health care resources.

Right now I work as a CNA at a local nursing home. It seems that the nurses, even those with bachelor educations, have succumbed to the falsity of the dangers of the swine flu. Throughout the nursing home there are signs posted that those who have a case of flu like symptoms should remain at home. One thing leads me to believe that these nurses are not saved and do not know that a person who is in Christ has nothing to fear. Another thing leads me to believe that a nursing home environment in general just isn't safe for anyone.......pandemic or no pandemic.
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