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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bread Bags

Lately I have been working on developing a set of bread bags made out of an old bed sheet I purchased from a local used goods store. It is rather simple. Basically I take a plastic bag from a box of baggies and use the baggie to determine the size of the bag and double the size so I can simply fold the piece of cloth in half to sew the bag.

When I made these bags, I made several bags of desirable size, gallon size or sandwich bag size, I sewed on a design of some sort. I cross stitched a simple bible verse, added a vine design, tea cup, flower or added a piece of scrap cloth to the outside of the bag so that I could easily identify the bag contents because these bags are not see through. After the design was added I cut a piece of heavy duty string that was the length of the entire bag and sewed the string into a simple hem. I folded the bag together, inside out, tied the sturdy string and finished sewing the rest of the bag together.

These bags will work great when I decide to go to the local market and purchase food in bulk. Also, it limits my need for plastic products.... These bread bags are great to add to the linen drawer in ones kitchen. It is a must have for any one who wants a simple kitchen.

Furthermore I will be storing my homemade bread in these bags. I used to store my homemade bread in baggies but these will be better because I will not have to throw them away but I can simply wash and store for use again.
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