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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Modesty, headcoverings and the controversy

This is a comment I left on veiled glory's blog. Although I have not discussed such "controversial" subjects as wearing dresses and head coverings in the midst of our modern and "educated" society on this blog as of yet, I hope to do so very soon. I made the switch about a year and 1/4 ago and the results of social ostracism and the "loony" look are somewhat startling.... I think it is strange how so many people know the phrase....don't judge a book by its cover.....but yet they continue to do so with or without their apparent understanding of the scripture.

The comment is as follows:

"I too have received "the look". For about a year and 1/4 I have been wearing dresses and coverings. Although some of the coverings I wear are not as apparent or of "a different religion," I know exactly what it feels like to be seen as strange or odd in some way and even loony because I choose not to dress like the rest of our jeans and sweat shirt society.

I have even received a bout of criticism from my own family and they apparently refuse to assist me while my husband is on unemployment and I am the only one working. They feel "the government programs" can help me out. Talk about judgment of someone on the outside rather than on the inside...... Furthermore, I think this partly has to do with the fact that we are choosing not to send our son to public school.

I know what it feels like to be rejected for a piddly piece of cloth on ones head. One never knows how much controversy that can stir up....."
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