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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Current Craft Projects

Today I pieced together a very large tote-bag. I plan to use it when I make errands around town and as a diaper bag for the new baby as the one we currently have has turned into scraps and needs some repair. The pattern for the tote bag can be found here.

Also I have been working on a crochet project for quite some time. It is an advanced pattern I found at our local library in a crochet magazine. If I were to sell this piece, I would probably have to sell it for a lotta dough! It seems to take me at least 2 hours or more to make one round. And there are 51 rounds to make. That leaves over 100 hours of stitch time to make a piece such as this. I never really work on the pattern straight through. I typically pick up the crochet work when ever I feel inspired to work on it.....which may be ever 2 months or every day....depending on the mood.

You may learn how to crochet quickly by watching here. There are several more examples on You Tube.
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