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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Books for kids: Part 2

I recently created mini books with the computer and printer that we own. It is a very simple process. I found these neat vintage books on-line. You may also create a mini vintage book of your own from any website that offers post-copyright books online. All you will need is a good printer, a word processing program and a sewing machine. You may also use either card-stock, clear duct tape, leather or anything you choose for the cover. Here is an excellent site that describes how to piece a book together on your own. I plan to use more of these methods as I create books for our home school.

Here is the simple process I used to create some mini books:
To begin I, formatted the word processing program to accommodate book-fold setting. I did this by going to the page setup location on MS Word and changing Multiple pages to book fold. Also I changed the margins so that I eliminate excess white space. After changing that I changed the page size to 5.5" X 8.5"

When I was completed adjusting the margins and page settings I copied the pictures from the site onto the word processing program. When all the pictures were copied I printed the entire document on my printer. I had to use the flip method to make the sheets double sided and properly aligned because our printer does not automatically print double sided.

Below is an example of some of the printed sheets. In the picture I used a page diving method to evenly divide the pages. It was very difficult to arrange the mini-pages properly on the word processing program with this method. It is much easier to use the book fold method.

After I printed the pages I trimmed the edges with a Fiskars paper cutter. I love using this tool for creating nice cards and other paper crafts.

After the edges were trimmed I fit the pages together. In this case there were about 8 sheets or 32 front-back numbered pages. I folded the pages in the middle and used a plain sewing machine to sew down the fold of the pages. Be sure to check the tension as you are sewing so that the seams are even.

To create this book there were two sections or 64 front-back pages total. If I would have taken the time, I could have hand-sewn the two sections together with a needle and thread. Instead I simply covered the outside with clear duct tape to give the mini book a laminated effect. The Tape it self held the two sections together.

I created a another book with the same method. My dear son loves to read these mini vintage books ;)

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