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Monday, February 23, 2009

Beggining Home Prenatal Checkups

As I read through many of the main stream pregnancy forums it seems that many women/girls who are pregnant immediately run to a doctor to check the condition of their 5-12 week old unborn child. Although we have advanced significantly in technology, there is little that man can do to assist these women. I do believe they are seduced to pay doctors X amount of money because the health insurance companies are big business and they are taught to follow the norms of society despite the mindlessness that goes along with their mind-numbing practices associated with consistently reaching into the doctor and hospitals for every little problem that occurs. I don't necessarily condemn any women who is so eager to see an unborn child that they immediately run to the nearest physician to see what a little pea like creature looks like in an ultrasound machine. It is neat to see 4-D imagery ;) Also I do know that some pregnancies are high-risk so I can understand the case.

However, back to reality, women in biblical days trusted in God to help them deliver their children. They did not need all the excessive technology. Sometimes technology interferes with our trust in God and reliance on our savior Jesus Christ. My husband and I have chosen to have a home-birth with our next child, which is currently on the way. We may or may not use a midwife.....preferably the latter. Because of my husband's experience in the medical field, I have no fears about what could happen in case of an emergency (prolapsed cord, transverse lie etc.) In those cases a c-section is actually needed. We will hope and pray that we will be able to birth a healthy child on our own.

Furthermore, I have begun my own at-home prenatal checkups. I have recorded all the typical events that occur at a typical hospital checkup and have created my own "medical records." Using a combination of my husband's nursing books and a midwife book by Ina May Gaskin, I compiled a list of things to check for. Although, if I do encounter any problem, I may have to resort to herbal remedies to cure the problem. For example, I had slight anemia with my last birth, which created dizziness on my part, so instead of running to the doctor for a prescription, I know that there are a few remedies with herbal treatments and vitamins available to assist with these problems.

The biggest concern that most folks have with deciding to go at it alone is problems with society's assumptions about childbirth. Yes, women died in the past and neonatal death rate was pretty high as well.....but many are not considering the nutritional factors associated with such a high death rate. Furthermore, many of these women lived in fear....causing them to succumb to the anxiety associated with pain and birth trama in childbirth. If a pregnant women can overcome anxiety and pressure in childbirth.....she can overcome a lot. Often times resisting the body changes associated with birth are what causes the pain. Being surrounded by strangers in a strange setting causes the pain in the first place.

Furthermore, statistics in hospitals are very misleading. Hospitals claim to save many lives of babies and mothers but in reality more babies are snapped out of existence in hospitals and by abortifactanct drugs before the rest of the world even knows of their conception! Think about it, if hospitals truely catered to birth they would not offer prenatal tests to check for disabilities so that the mother could "choose" to abort her unborn child right in the hospital. As a result only 1 in 6 pregnancies actually come to full term with complete hospital care! This statistic could be much higher and we may never know how many unborn children are denied the gift of life right within the doors of our "friendly" hospitals! Because of this startling statistic, it is imperative that a Christian seriously think twice about funding our local hospitals! By succumbing to the pressures of society to have a birth in a hospital, you are saying that abortion is ok, the birth control pill saves lives, and other rediculous research methods are the solution to societal problems. Yes I do admit....c-sections save lives. But if we keep our focus on the Lord and not on all the problems truly associated with pregnancy and birth.....which is like 1% given proper conditions....we should have no fear in birthing our babies on our own.

Here are a couple of sites that have great books that help a person interested in taking charge of their own children's birth: birth junkie, unassisted childbirth. Keep in mind the latter site contains more new-agey types of views, so Christians beware. Some are rather eyeopening.
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