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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Long Winter Days

Today I cleaned off our desk that never ceases to have things piled upon it. After some time I felt the winter blues and felt I had to do something and meet with someone. My mind was thinking back to the times of high school and college where I would go and meet with someone for a little socializing during these long winter days. But then I looked into my heart and realized all I really needed was Christ. I picked up the bible and read a little bit out of it. I read about the troubles Eli had with his sons. I knew Christ was the one I could trust with all of my thoughts and worry's. I stepped outside and I immediately felt a burden lifted off of my shoulders. I took Micah outside and he walked around a little bit. He seemed to have never really set eyes on snow before. He didn't want to go inside. But the weather outside was about 8 degrees and it felt like it was below 0.
So inside we went and I made a cup of hot chocolate. A great way to finish the day.

By the way. I am definitely needing a new winter coat. The one that I have has a broken zipper. It may last long enough but I am definitely considering stitching up my own winter coat. Maybe I will stitch up some snow pants as well. It would be fun ;)
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