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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Knitting project complete

Today I completed the laundry for the week and set out to complete the socks I had started for my ds. They turned out quite nicely although they are a little bit large for his size 5 feet. I am sure he will grow in to them very soon. On days where I complete laundry and do simple tasks it is nice to know that I can complete a craft project as well in the same day. It makes me feel as if I am being productive. Also after I completed the grey socks I started working on smaller socks with the right needles to match the pattern. They should be pretty "cool" when they are done as they are going to be orange in color.

Besides working on knitting I also wrapped some Christmas presents. I am not too anxious to set up Christmas decorations as I know that my ds toddler will try to terrorize the decorations. Furthermore, I really feel as if some aspects of celebrating Christmas are more materialistic and pagan than they are truly in relation to celebrating Christ's birth. What really matters is how much we desire to know God more and love him and worship him every day by obeying his every word.
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