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Monday, October 20, 2008

Ever growing faith

Out of all the resources in the world, the single most essential resource that no human can live without is faith. Without faith, the unknown is never discovered, the supernatural is never uncovered and childlike love is never exposed. Love is not fulfilled to the brim without faith.

Love in and of itself has been twisted and maimed and receives bad titles by mainstream society. The only way to fully understand God's love for us is through the scriptures. We cannot have full fellowship with others unless we come to terms and understanding God's love and forgiveness for us. Repentance cleanses us and renews us and sets us back on the path towards God.

Over the years I have had my share of ups and downs as a Christian. Sometimes Liberalism has crept in and almost wiped me out spiritually. But I have come to terms with understanding the detrimental lifestyle of letting the mind come before the love of Christ that is shared so abundantly throughout all of scripture.

The following resources have helped me better understand the bible and have helped me come to terms with how real and powerful the word of God really is in our lives.

Blue Letter Bible
Through the Bible
BBN Radio

Getting started with these resources will really give you a boost in your walk with Christ.
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