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Monday, September 19, 2022

The wiser the woman... the better

 If Laura was running for Governor in NOV:


1. Increase and enhance the Border Crisis "awareness" (more of the GET OFF MY LAND exposures like Governor DeSantis expertise and movements..... he should have MOVED 10,000 illegal migrants to that MARTHA's VINEYARD so they could GET REAL QUALITY EDUCATION about the incentives and MOVES of the "heart" of this nation....  we share the story...but they STILL don't get it.... $20,000 homes for sale.... and no BUYERS next to.... xyz....) by enhancing AWARENESS of the NATIVE AMERICAN culture and language in our public schools.  Enhance AWARENESS of the abuses done to variations of NATIVE TRIBE NATIONS children and VULNERABLE ADULTS, including the situational conditions of USA enslavement.  MORE reading of "Frederick Douglass" biography....less of the ANTI-POLICE and ANTI-JUSTICE SYSTEM rhetoric.  MORE listening to JOHN LEGEND stories, less of the FOLLY LACED institutionalized removal of FREE SPEECH initiatives in a GENERAL PUBLIC MAN with "creativity."(aka. he as a BLACK FEATURES man has more NATIVE AMERICAN DNA than Elizabeth Warren as an EQUALLY YOLKED intellectually gifted man)

2. Increase the exposure of the dangerous medical practice of GENDER FLIPPING via hormones and surgical mutilation of those individuals under age 21.  Increase the exposure of the "cult-like" moral stigma attatched to this practice which affects vulnerable adults in various "social ways" and means.   Someone said a DEMENTIA PATIENT woman....said "I like that woman's hair" and she was speaking to a BLACK MALE.... and I said to my self.... GROW UP first....dear FRIENDS before LISTENING to the FOLLY of the "modern era."  What is more neccesity in the FINAL HOUR?  The sexuality or the HAIR TYPE.....which the DEMENTIA PATIENT can CLEARLY SEEEEEE.  Hallocaust Memorial Musical VALUES.... in the midst of the STORM....of INFORMATION about "the vulnerable" basic TRAILS.....unite.  abcdefg ---> suicidiality rates and "hatred" of THY creator of XYZ....  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4lLNSR1gc2s  .... Acharai Mot section of the bible... WHEN EVERYONE says they should SOLIDLY "mess around" with their BROTHER-IN-LAW...and CATER to THAT.... then we KNOW they are not seriousllllllly conditionally SUPPORTING anything GOOD for humanity!  They are "conditionally" catering to PRIDE....  the "conditions" and "acceptance" rate of SUPPORTING "brother-in-law" this that and the other... think about it....especially in the STATE of VULNERABILITY!

3. Restrict Govt' laced incentives on PRIVATE PROPERTY AGRICULTRE trade and financial exchange.  Keep govt' "liscensure" out of PRIVATELY OWNED and DIRECTED actions.  Example: a person would like to sell DEHYDRATED ORGANIC TOMATOS from his own homestead, he should NOT NEED to "go through" an inspector IF the BUYER would like to PRIVATELY TRADE these DEHYDRATED ORGANIC TOMATOS.  Especially TRADING of the SEEDS.....

4. Expose BIG BROTHER "spy bot" behaviours in GOVT' BASED and PRIVATE OWNED companies who work together or apart from EACH OTHER in ONLINE and OFFLINE BEHAVIOURS.  EXPLAIN how EACH family photo and INDIVIDUAL photo has UNIQUE STORYLINE and FEATURES!  EXPOSE those who attempt to remove GENERALIZED FREE SPEECH (instructing people who would like to plant "merigolds" in their window boxes or how to "take care" of a family member with CURLY HAIR....a SIGHT to BEHOLD on the "radar screen" aka ANYTHING that involves FEATURES and FLOWERS gives a few clues as to HOW the "bot" works.....)

5. Less of the "I hate people" that have a "G" sound in their name.  When ever people realize with their own EYES that people with "G" sounds are hated....this needs to end when people realize that SOUNDS travel between the NATIONS and people do NOT deserve to be hated simply because they have a "G" sound in their name.  (hint: it could be YAH....or it could  be God.... but.... the point is that "G" started with the GARDEN of EDEN in HEBREW writing.....geee whiz a CAMEL)

6. Less hatred towards people with BLUE DOORS on their HOUSES..... yes.... BLUE.....  when they WEAR WHITE CLOTHING... in variations... the people seen around the TOWN seem to HATE the people with BLUE DOORS on their HOUSED OCCUPANTS..... if they HAVE YET to solve this riddle.... about the BLUE DOORS....they have no KNOWLEDGE or AWARENESS of the LUMEN LEVEL incentive given by thy CREATOR.

7. Ben Shapiro has black hair.  Allow people to STATE the FACTS within the STATE..... just pure....water.... folks.... a FACT is a FACT.  The math of "shem" (STEM quality inSIGHT into things) has been around...but only a FEW can do the MATH without FOLLY JUNK in the middle of the STORM.  Darwin Evolutionary theories will FOOOOOL the masses.  Re-LOOOOOOK at number "4" above as neccesary.  When he is speaking "pro-life" he is speaking about BLOOD LIFE.... as in LOCAL WOMAN's health comes before GOVT' laced "I care about woman's like minded needs....but reality will show proof at the ER DOOR.... the HAIR-IT-STAGE at the DOOO000R.  A 20 minute DRIVE ACCESS for bleeding woman conditions or nothing!"   Elizabeth War-In-SIDE....forgot to TELL the MASSES that more closely BLOOOOOD quantity NATIVE TRIBE WOMEN know ...that "the left" forgot the matches and the MORE DISTANT the "wind" the harder it is to LIGHT that MATCH....and "the right" only hides their trails that TRIALS actually exist..... ONCE the wise woman told them... the TRUTH is in the PUDDING or its nothing.

Friday, September 16, 2022

Fitting for Thanks - Giving....


video on mute

background song...

someone says.... indigenous ANISH-IN (xyz) perhaps based on REPORTS and FEATURES themes.... when they actually LISTEN!

Tuesday, August 30, 2022


 *Missionary needed:


---> HOMELESSNESS is SKYROCKETED in certain pocketed areas.... work on the HEART of the POLITICAL CLASS.... working to DECIEVE the people in house-related issues!  TAXATION and other things that leads to THIS!

--> COLLEGE CAMPUS is a HOT SPOT these days.  Not because we don't ACTUALLY NEED future MATERNITY WARD workers....who ACTUALLY WORK with "bleeding woman" and her problems...but because we ACTUALLY NEEEEEEED to know WHAT IS a WOMAN? (thanks Matt Walsh for EXPOSING this DANGEROUS LIE....what in the world is THIS stem-student's needed for the future-featuring-from?  top answer may simply be PORN INDUSTRY!  --->aka EYE-DOLL-ATRY!)----> did someone just SAY that that was "freeeeee college" (paid for by WHOM?) while that man in the window can't tell you what side the SUN RISES..... as well as the "morning star" rendition....and WHO CREATED THOSE ELEMENTS in the UPSTAIRS department at the DEPAREMENT STORE called "creator's choice"????

--> speaking of women.... the pro-life.... pro-choice theme isn't REALLY the foundations of CHRISTIANITY because non-Christians do practice "pro-life" and non-Christians DO GO THROUGH the "pregnancy problems" situations which lead to "in the womb" death.... RATHER it is the DEFINITIONS and STORYLINES..... which CHANGE the HEART that is NEEEEEEEDED so desperately!  ACHARAI MOT SECTION of the TORAH.... they don't even KNOW the WORD to begin with!  "life of the flesh is in the blood"... so HE alone SEES ALL LIFE in the BEGINNING!  what does the WORD ITSELF actually say about BEINg in the WOMB  "knitted and molded"!  WHAT does the WORD ITSELF say about MATRIX ORDER or order of BIRTH in FAMILY TREE....does HE actually SEEEEEEE those extended FAMILY conditions!  (YES!) .... the bible itself and even JEWISH CULTURE itself will teach simply put.... "choose life"   and MARY and ELIZABETH of the bible TRULY PRACTICED JEWISH CULTURE of THAT DAY!

--> Post WW2 society?  Yes, we are OK with knowing the stories of WW2 and the horrors!  WOW.... these are STILL REAL PEOPLE... and they STILL are on-line in celeb and non-celeb form.... and the HOLLOCAUST MEMORIAL society is right about many things to address!  ANSWER CORRECTLY: a "just" society can go without JUSTICE?  Is this statement TRUTH?  (NO!).....  we do NOT need WOKE to fix racial things!  REFORM definitely because "big brother" and "records" are HERE for a reason.... but.... hmmm think carefully about FREE SPEECH these days when it comes to topics addressed from BOTH SIDES (political spectrum)!

-->marriage banquet?  Who said that marriage is ACTUALLY defined that way.  HMMMM that should date the HOUR we are IN.... and its NOT ALWAYS all about Male and Female IN the marriage... there are BEHAVIOURS along with the line and likes of this thinking.... if MOSES isn't on the BOAT... then.... well... a person COULD JUST FOLLOW MOSES and be fine... but FINE TUNE what the KING of the JEWS actually SAID about MARRIAGe and HOW he ACTED around certain groups and situations!  (hint: the brother marriage One Bride for Seven Brothers (Luke 20:27-40)....thing... he isn't SAYING that it is BAD to actually GO THROUGH this type of MARRIAGE...as THIS is a JEWISH culture thing.... he is SAYING that its NOT FOUNDATIONAL!)

--> FOODS and FASTING?  UMMMM who KNEW that you could actually LIVE a "green life" on greeeeeens..... and FAST.... I thought that was only the LIBERAL WAY of LIFE?  No, I'm just talking about the TEMPLE of the BODY.... GLUTTONY.... is STILL GLUTTONY!  The cornerstone isn't actually food itself... but it is STILL the CREATOR's DESIGN.... so the cornerstone of the SCRIPTURE.... may ACTUALLY be the SH'MINI portion of the bible... the CREATOR knows his OWN people.... and CREATURES....  (hint: when people EAT and work with UNCLEAN animals..... virus and other diseases spread faster and a VACCCCCCCINE industry WON'T keep up with ALLLLL that JAZZ!)  Moses  Moses where for ART thou MOSES... you WROTE... about SARAH and ABE.... and SARAH had "fine features".... hmmmm thought about it for a little second or two... but SHE SURELY was MADE of the BONES and themes of modern man to accomodate that STATEMENT!  WHAT did 80+ year old Moses do while writing that statement: FASTED with NO FOOD.... OR WATER!  (no water isn't recommended especially at 80+ years old!.... no food is probable and possible at 80+)   ----> this thing called FDA regulations?  ARE they FOR REAL... or do WE need to DOUBLE CHECK their RECORDS!  POLITICAL THEMES and the AG INDUSTRY.... that's a long story about HUNTING AND GATHERING as the "more fruitless" way of life.....

---> Big TECH.... speeeeeech.... for the elderly.... Speeeeeeech for the middle aged ...... Speeeeeech for the young and the restless .... SPEEEEECH SPEEECH SPEECH for those not yet 21 years old..... Its either big brother ATTACKING that IDEA....or its a SQUIRELL that wants to speak about his life.... which one its to be determined... and RED-HAIR TO THIS DAY... is only on SOME HEADS and GIANT CELEB LOOK-ALIKES (CONAN O-BRIAN)... yes, the medical MODEL solved "some" of the issues with INFORMATION going TOO FAR.... as DEMENTIA exists.... but.... but but.... WHO WILL LISTEN to THEM (DEMENTIA PATIENTS) when..... they are simply speaking---> "I NEEEEEED WATER"  (speaking of the sermon on the mt... and parables)  Someone else said that 5g technology.... but NO ONE wants to ADMIT... what it takes to work in the MATERNITY WARD.... or with the ELDERLY LADY down the road.... says somethings need CHANGE!  Go back up to "What is a Woman" theme by Matt Walsh

Sunday, August 28, 2022


 Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick: Democrats have no heart or brain - YouTube

'The world has shifted': Rapper Zuby fights against wokeism - YouTube

I'm surprised these videos are ALL-LOUD on the radar screen these days... in far-left-over-take.... EVERY COLLEGE PRESIDENT's MIND.....  aka... I'm sure... they ALL WANT presidents to CARRY dementia... while REMAINING PRESIDENT....because it WOULD definitely IMPROVE the QUALITY of LIFE for the STUDENTS and the BUSINESS MODEL(S)!@#!~@#@!  you KNOW.... ER DOCTORS.... need CALCULUS "equations" to do their WORK!.... ESPECIALLY in regards to the HEART of the WOMAN's HEALTH..... ARRANGEMENTS.... aka 20 MINUTE drive for actual BLLLLLLLEEEEEEDING woman problems!

something says Elizabeth War-in-side hasn't woken UP.... yet

 *Red and Green Bell Peppers

*Sweet Onion



Spices --> Garlic powder, black pepper, salt, paprika ---> FRY into the meat patty

VEGETABLES: Mushrooms, Sweet Peppers, Onions, 

SAUCE: Onion Soup Mix 2 packets, Cream of Chicken Soup 2 cans, chicken broth, chicken broth,

Instructions: ADD the Fresh vegetables on top of sauce at the bottom of pan, add fried steaks, pour more sauce and vegetables on top.... 350' 1/2 hour... turn ... add more vegetables....

the FIRST person to speak on behalf of this thing called "woman's health".... condemned the ER access to D. & C. for REAL bleeding woman.... as in the 20 minuete DRIVE EQUATION....!#@!@#  meaning the LOCAL NEEDS.... for those women MATTERS (water quality etc etc) .... and then.... she THREW ROCKS..... at certain clinics who are simply "there" and we KNOW how to READ.... the word CRISIS as... if ER doctor for ACTUAL CRISIS didn't EXIST!  ANYHOW.... this so called EDUCATED.... woman speaks about how WONDERFUL it is to WATCH INFLATIONARY SPENDING for REAL women... who are NOT COMPUTERS....  The perfect STORM of GETTING $400,000 a YEAR (she teaches 2 classes at Harvard).... paid by WHO?  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FsAZoGN8m5M ... mean-while.... the so called "health insurance plan" wasn't working for the BLEEDING woman (because its all 200,000$ for EVERY PLAN... while miscarriages only cost less than a load of groceries to FIX!)... but they SURE wanted to open up the PLANET move to MARS business and get things right.... PLAN-IT on the RED-PLAN-PAIR-of-HOOVES.

As we can SEE the color's in this VIDEO.... what COLORS are in the FOOOOOOOD!

If you CAN SPELL.... the COLORS and LABAN.... is a WORD on the PLAYINGFIELD as a "hint" ball diamond... then YOU are GETTING WISER about the hitting the BALL out of the PARK at the "far-left" BALL-DIAMOND at the FIELD of DREAMS!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tGEHvEN4bzg&t=667s  Names and GARDEN of EDEN.... hmmmm.... just hmmmm.  order of birth and OTHER things that don't come "by choice"... just friendly themes of CONVERSATION....

MAYBE they had something about NOAH in their dictionary when they were referencing COLOR differences?  as in the promise was based on the EYES and what THEY could see for the NATIONS!  BET.... you didn't know the SECOND READINg in the TORAH cycle.... TASSLE CLOTHING ---> PEOPLE <--- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KpQRQcFQRzE   .... WABISH... LABAN....WABIN.... inner circles.... in the EYES....  SIMILAR TERMS and ENURING "symbolic nature"  even the CLOTHING speaks....

hint... the FAR-LEFT do NOT care about ISSUES.... of TODAY!  the local..... as in LOCAL WATER WAYS (aware of its quality).... LIBRARIAN..... would care.... but.... the other ones?  with QUOTES and QUOTATIONS in the MIDDLE of the JAZZ STORM....  Gas-Lighting R US.... pushing people..... as in "we to the people" to consult EVERYTHING for "the source" they say (in THEIR own way).... for ALL RIGHTS....  -----> SOMETHING SOOOOOO OBVIOUS!  This is the problem: they set it up to PURPOSEFULLY REFUSE to fire TEACHERS who work in PUBLIC SCHOOLS who REFUSE to REPORT..... GENDER MUTILATION ABUSE OR... the conditions of xyz OTHER EVILS associated with that (like rape, incest, trafficking, extreme DRUG USE TRAFFICKING, ILLEGAL immigration with DRUGS etc.)... and/or the ABUSE has to GO... only to CERTAIN pocketed "adults".  WHY?  because the "child" is supposedly TRANS-GENDER..... 

Saturday, August 27, 2022

stop funding the "woke junkies"

 stop funding the "woke junkies" in variations of INSTITUTIONAL environments:

ASK these questions BEFORE using their TREATMENTS or SERVICES.... in variations of VULNERABILITY status.... even the LOCAL POLICE/LOCAL SCHOOL etc could/should answer these questions!

1. Do you purposefully prescribe or treat "gender hormone blocking/enhancing" agents to any of your under age 21 patients(students or other)?  

2. Explain if the patient is a LARGER FRAME female *say over 5'9"

* with masculine traits, how you would treat this patient:

3. Marriage is:

Adam and Eve are:

4. When does life begin?  How do you treat under age 21 pregnancies (for 1 or both biological father/mother)?  What entails a considerable age-gap in the danger zone (a social problem) for those under age 21?

5. When was the last time you visited with or encouraged a person or family with Dementia/Alzheimers conditions?

6. Have you ever met with someone face to face who left a LGBT+ condition and regretted their FORMER choices and/or beliefs?  Have you ever met someone who refuses to work WITH LGBT+ people, while at the same time mocking their own personal life and freespeech values--->aka they suppress the person and gaslight the person's memories and insight?

7. How have you (Have you) assisted those who were abused under age 12 years of age?  Have you ever helped someone overcome severe cases like trafficking? Severe Domestic violence?  What social practices did you encourage?

8. Have you ever encouraged "defunding" of a public based police and justice system?  Have you ever encouraged "re-observation or reducing violence" towards criminals and prisoners?  Do you believe in overcoming the "burden of proof" for qualified professionals....meaning elimination of JUSTICE SYSTEMS to do "back ground checks" and other forms of observation....including "immigration status" before HIRING for professional status?

9.  What are your standards of beliefs towards ISRAEL?  People of "Shem" to Asiatic and/or slight skin tone traits?  Have you ever believed in COMPLETE "dictionary identity" based solely on lower levels of traits and/or giving credit to where credit isn't "there" via time/energy given to certain people/groups?  Have you ever believed in complete "facial" or "nation heritage appearance" re-wiring (ie. complete removal of hair to replace with difference, complete nose replacement, complete eye replacement? height suppressor or enhancer? etc)?

10. What standards do you hold towards the Poor and unfortunate in this country?  Is it their fault?  Is it by choice?  Combination?  Does the government need to step in to "help woman" with their bodies and choices?    How do you feel about Government agencies "far-away" telling woman where to go for their PERSONAL care when in the danger zone (bleeding, rape, incest etc)?

11. How do you feel about "big tech" censorship? "big brother" tracking your moves from buisiness to business?  monitoring of personal family life?  Technological social "tracking" beliefs (outside of common healthcare awareness conditions)?

12. Any other theme that COULD influence your PATIENT CARE or professional status....List your GOALS?  List your DREAMS?  List what you personally find OFFENSIVE?  List what you personally find a SUCCESS for humanity?  Thoughts on---> (Mat 5:11)  Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for -->my<-- sake.

(Mat 5:12)  Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you.

(Mat 5:13)  Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men. ***WHAT is the SALT conditions to YOU?  History says ancient people preserved food for SURVIVAL with SALT...and ESSENTIAL survival ingedient!  We are MADE of "salt" as in BONE STRUCTURE and FUNCTION!***

Saturday, August 20, 2022

If thy right eye offend thee

 Mat 5:29  And if thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell. 

*Jesus is saying clearly to control the MIND and then the BODY, no matter the cost via metaphorical illustrations!  

woman's health that promotes any other "thing" isn't clearly the direction to go while using one's own body!*

The FIRST WOMAN...... passed on the CURSE..... to ALL NATIONS..... of ABRAHAM and not of ABRAHAM by recorded elements of MOSES onward https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VcIU6rEAj_s

(THE TRICK taught to EVE's descendants) healthcare "stimulus" and the REASON we ALL need the govt' LABELED insurance and NOT our own package or to manage internal issues within each healthcare system(s) (institutions)

*10,000$ per month to the Instructor on what it means to have health insurance from the STATE

*10,000$ to the person working by the govt' to move money around for healthcare coverage

*No reduction in certain low-level cost initiatives in healthcare.... THAT 5$ pair of gloves??? a 10$ bandage for a scratch after a needle poke???

*no initiative to FIX inflation or waste spending

*NOOOO decisions by healthcare investment.... to invest TIME and ENERGY into "sin-based" paths of life for patient which leads to DEATH.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VcIU6rEAj_s  Matt 5:29... review

*NOOOOO decisions by the FEDERAL GOVT' to invest TIME and TALENT into the QUALITY of the woman's health at hand.... the TYPE of worker that CLOCKS in!

*10,000$ for a simple at-home-remedy miscarriage that could have no risk for simply going HOME or going to a side-kick midwife.  Miscarriage that happens BEFORE 12 weeks along types of things.  ****something says PLANNED PARENTHOOD isn't really about PLANNING a PARENTHOOD condition...but labels itself....with "things"****

Based off of:


of COURSE elizabeth WAR-IN-SIDE wants this PACKAGE of "woman's health" in HER midst!  and won't consider the 20 minutes that are ACTUALLY needed to solve these basic FACTS about woman's health!


😄😄😄😄😄😉😉😉😉😉😉  roe vs. UP-A-CRWEEEEEEK

YES!~  BOTH POLITICAL PARTIES are in IT for the money and NOT in IT for the ACTUAL NEEDS of the PATIENT!  HEALTHCARE work is for the people who need the HELP and the real workers KNOW that.  BUYER beware of buying HEALTHCARE from an ins-twit-ution that promotes a. ANTI-ISRAEL initiatives b. gender flipping for children with no real GOAL in initiating foundational themes that the child contained at the age of 2.  suicide rates are REAL situations!  YES, JESUS is the LIVING WATER in various EXAMPLES and ways!  YES, the blindness is in both JEW and GENTILE!

Songs of Love and Hope